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Food and Agricultural Research Council

Legislative Mandate

FARC mission is authorized by FARC Act No. 49 of 1985, as amended by Act No. 20 of 1997. FARC derives most of its goals, objectives and initiatives from a consideration of the goals – explicit and implicit of the now Ministry of Agro-Industry & Food Security and the Government; and from statutory provisions, specifically “The Objects and Functions of the Council” set forth in Sections 4 and 5 of the FARC (Amendment) Act 2010
The objects of the Council are:
(a) to coordinate, promote and harmonise research activities in agriculture, fisheries and food production;
(b) to conduct, through such units as it may set up, research in agriculture and food production;
(c) to maximise the benefits of such research;
(ca) promote hydroponics, tissue culture and such other food and agricultural technologies as may be approved by the Minister; and
(d) to carry out such other activities relating to research in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food production as may be approved by the Minister.
The functions and powers of the Council are:
(a) to co-ordinate, monitor and promote research projects and programmes -
(i) entrusted to the different units set up by it;
(ii) of the different institutions engaged in agriculture, fisheries and food production without any prejudice to existing legislation concerning those institutions;
(b) to set research priorities in line with the needs of the agricultural sector;
(c) to ensure, as far as possible the proper dissemination and practical application of the results of any such research;
(d) to establish units for the purpose of conducting research extension and other related activities and to ensure the proper functioning, staffing and allocation of resources to such units;
(da) set up and manage greenhouses, hydroponics centres and other infrastructure for the purposes of promoting hydroponics and other agricultural technologies; and
(e) to advise the Minister generally on national policies and other matters related to food and agricultural research and applications thereof.
(2) For the purposes of subsection (1), the Council may–
(a) with the approval of the Minister, raise such loan as may be required to finance the setting up of greenhouses, hydroponics centres and other infrastructure;
(b) rent out greenhouses, hydroponics centres and other infrastructure on such terms and conditions as it may determine; and
(c) levy fees in respect of services in connection with greenhouses, hydroponics centres and other infrastructure and of transfer of any other food and agricultural technologies.
The Council shall establish a Unit to be known as the Agricultural Research and Extension Unit whose functions shall be to
conduct research and extension activities in non-sugar crops, livestock and food production
promote and encourage agricultural and agribusiness development through the setting up of agricultural youth clubs and agricultural entrepreneur clubs.