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Food and Agricultural Research Council
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Mission and Vision Statement


1. Vision Statement
An institution inclusive of its unit(s) that helps to steer and undertake research and ensure dissemination and practical application of outputs therefrom, in the agri-food and related sectors, addressing sectoral challenges and the national interest and needs, while ensuring that resources are allocated to efforts that are scientifically relevant, excellent and innovative, directed towards priority problems and practical objectives.
2. Mission Statement
To contribute to the mission of the State through:
(i) Agricultural research planning, promotion, monitoring and evaluation,
(ii) Undertaking appropriate research, training, development and outreach activities in selected priority areas; and the
(iii) Provision of research-based policy advice and development of national strategies for research & development and related themes in the Agri-food sector and its natural resource base,
aiming towards enhancing the competitiveness, sustainability and consumer interest of the national agri-food system and quality of life.