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Food and Agricultural Research Council
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Strategies, Target and Core Functions

3. Strategies, Targets & Core Functions
These are addressed through three strategic domains of intervention:
(A) Agricultural Research, Training & Development (RTD) Planning & Evaluation
Research, Training & Development policy analysis, support, administration & implementation; & steering of d evelopment projects.
(a) (i)Planning, Administration and Coordination (and selective funding, depending on availability of any dedicated Agricultural RTD fund) of Research, Training & Development (RTD) policies, programmes, projects and/or related schemes, and financial/budgetary implications/requirements thereof.
(ii) Implementation of Research Programmes, Projects and/or schemes.
(iii) Development Projects: Steering of selected projects (e.g. land use, hydroponics, biotechnology regulation, etc.)
(b) Technical (Emerging Technologies Applications and dissemination):
§ Plant propagation
§ Crop improvement
§ Food Technology/Processing
§ Production Technologies
§ Plant Protection/Health
§ Resource Use efficiency
§ Livestock R & D
§ Agricultural Engineering
§ Agribusiness Development
(B) Agricultural Research & Development Information & Outreach System; Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
(ICT) Information and Documentation Section: for dissemination of RTD results, and other technical data and information in support of (A) and (C)
(a) Extension Services (AREU)
(b) Information System (AREU & FARC)
(C) Advisory Service (Technical & Policy)
Offer of Policy & Strategic inputs/documents on emerging technological developments (Biotechnology; tissue culture, etc.); agricultural policy and development plans; specific policy & development themes and schemes; specific legislation/regulations, etc; and participation in technical committees/forums/ conferences/workshops/ seminars, etc.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note:
Agricultural Research
includes research on crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries, natural resources, and the socio-economic aspects of primary agricultural production; pre and post-farm aspects such as input supply and post-harvest or food-processing (IFPRI/ISNAR).