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Food and Agricultural Research Council

Research Grant Scheme

Guidelines for research grant scheme
One of the main objectives of FARC is to promote, coordinate and harmonise research in agriculture, fisheries , forestry and food production. In exercising this function, the Council is operating a research grant scheme under which qualified institutions or individuals can apply for support for research projects on food, agricultural, fisheries or forestry subjects.
Research grants
The scheme provides short term assistance for research on defined projects in sciences relevant to food, agriculture , fisheries and forestry. Grants may be awarded to extend established research , to help develop a promising new approach or to provide special equipment for an existing important piece of research.
The grants enable recipients to employ additional graduates, post graduates or technicians, but will not pay salary or other personal emoluments of principal investigators. Provision may also be made for laboratory or field experiment consumables, livestock feed, apparatus, daily labour costs and travel.
Grants are normally awarded for three years, but exceptionally where continuous work for a longer period is necessary a grant of five years may be provided. Grant holders are required to submit periodic financial and progress reports and to submit a final report and expenditure statement on completion of the grant.
Provided the University agrees , graduates employed under a grant may work for a higher degree where this can be done without detriment to the research project. Applicants under the University's Research at Post scheme must get the University's approval for their project before submitting an application to FARC.
Grants applications
Applications for grants should be typewritten on forms obtainable either by downloading or from the FARC office at Réduit.and should be submitted preferably in February.Applications which comply with the conditions of the grant will be considered for approval and decisions will be conveyed to applicants.
Standard Conditions of Grant
Intellectual property rights will be discussed for projects where this issue may arise.FARC and the grant's holders organisation will be joint owners of any new technology generated by a project and will ensure that it is diffused to a maximum number of persons likely to benefit from it.
Any survey, or similar data accrued in the course of the project should be made available to the Council if required , in order to help any parties with a valid interest.The grant is for a fixed period starting on the date when recurrent expenditure begins or any other date depending on circumstances. The actual start date must be within six months of the date of the approval letter or the grant will lapse.
The level of the research grant will not normally be increased during the period of a three year award except for nationally agreed salary increases for staff employed on the grant. For longer term grants, Council may review the level of support for non salary items at the end of the third year.
Funds provided for staff costs may be used for salaries, National Pension Fund or other compulsory medical insurance or pensions cost.Funds provided for travel may be used for journeys which are an essential part of the investigation and undertaken by the grant holder or persons employed on the grant.Apart from the principal investigator's personal emoluments, any funds collected from other sources towards the cost of the project and any receipts arising from the work shall be deducted from the grant and will not be used for additional expenditure outside the immediate needs of the grant.
The grant- holders's organisation will be responsible for installation and accommodation and general maintenance of any equipment purchased under the grant.and it should also contract the proper insurance. The Council will consider meeting the cost of a manufacturer's maintenance contract for the period of the grant.The grant - holder's organisation shall take where possible whatever steps are necessary to obtain remission of duty on imported equipment. Provision for duty will only be made in the grant if such payment is unavoidable.
Accounts of expenditure and reports of progress will be submitted periodically or as and when required by FARC for close monitoring of progress.The receipts and accounts shall be certified by the head of the finance section and the project leader and the report should be signed by the principal investigator. The administrative authorities of the grant-holder's organisation will certify that the conditions of the grant have been met and that the expenditure claimed has been solely on the project for which the grant was made.
Funds for the purchase of individual items of equipment agreed for the project will only be released on request and against a certified invoice.
Investigators are normally expected to publish the results of the work carried out with the aid of the grant and when doing so should include acknowledgment of the Council's support. The final report on the grant should on the cover page acknowledge the financial support of FARC for the project. These reports will be the co-propriety of FARC and grant-holder's organisation.For the duration of the project , no publicity or release of information about the project is permitted without agreement in writing between FARC and the grant-holder.
The Council will have no responsibility, financial or otherwise for expenditure or liabilities incurred other than those specifically mentioned in the notification of grant or otherwise approved by it in writing. Neither will Council accept the responsibility for any safety or other precautions necessary for work under the project, it being understood that the grant holder's organisation assumes these responsibilities.
The Council reserves the right (a) to disallow claims, in part or in whole, which it considers not to be in compliance with the conditions, (b) to suspend or terminate the grant at any time, subject to reasonable notice and the payment of such final instalments as may be necessary to cover outstanding and unavoidable commitments, and (c) to amend the conditions of the grant at any time. Council will try to ensure that existing grant- holders are not disadvantaged by any such changes.
Status of the Agricultural Research Grant Scheme
The Research Grant Scheme has been put in abeyance since 2004, pending the approval and establishment of a dedicated Agricultural Research, Training, Development and Demonstration (ARTDD) Fund, following the cessation in 2003 of the Sugar CESS grant (Rs2.0 – Rs4.0m annually) made to FARC by the Mauritius Sugar Authority (MSA), which constituted the Agricultural Research Fund.
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