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Food and Agricultural Research Council

Village Laitier

This project appeared in the Government Programme 2005/10, and was entrusted to the FARC for implementation. However, no budgetary provision was made for it.
The FARC set up a Planning/Steering Committee consisting of major stakeholders, to conceptualise the project, and held several meetings (some chaired by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture). The meetings were under the chair of the Director General of FARC.
Three papers were submitted to Ministry by Director General of FARC:

PART A : Dairy Supply Chain Strategy for Mauritius (07/09/05)


PART B: The “VILLAGE LAITIER PROJECT”: Some conceptual considerations and Recommendations (07/09/05)



The major outcome was the establishment of a first Village Laitier at Nouvelle Découverte, by the Nouvelle Découverte Livestock Cooperative Society, to be joined subsequently by the Northern Livestock Cooperative.
A specific Plan of Action was prepared, and the Nouvelle Découverte Village Laitier subsequently attracted funding from the DCP for infrastructural improvement, and is being monitored by AREU.
The Food Security Fund subsequently approved further specific funding for the Village Laitier projects, in terms of construction of model farms. These also are being monitored by the AREU.
Two larger-scale dairy projects have also been initiated (at Salazie and Rose Belle Sugar Estate leased land at Cluny) and are now operational.